Leadership Coaching

Life Happens. We’re Here to Help.

When leaders are promoted, challenges can arise as they adapt to their new roles, responsibilities, and team members. EFR can help.

EFR has a successful history of helping employees succeed when faced with personal or professional change. We’ll provide your organization’s leaders with experienced leadership coaches who are driven to help them develop the skills they need to guide their teams to success.


Assess & Identify Your Specific Need

The first step toward effective leadership coaching is the discussion between a leader and EFR’s leadership coaches about organizational goals and needs for leadership development. This discussion also includes the specific challenges or situations facing individual leaders in the organization.

Coach Assigment

EFR matches leaders with the coach whose background, style, and skills can best build rapport with them, meet their unique needs, as well as ensure growth and positive impact. We strive to match leaders with the best leadership coach that can motivate them toward positive and productive change.

Leader Assessment

Our leadership coaches complete an in-depth assessment of leaders’ needs, utilizing a variety of evaluation tools to determine what outcomes will best serve the needs of both the leader and their organization. The results identify strengths to be leveraged and areas where improvement is most needed.

Goal Setting & Action Plan

A customized coaching plan will be created from the identified outcomes. The coach works with leaders to identify 2-3 measurable goals, for which they will be accountable during the coaching process. Leaders will also submit a timeline for success that will be reviewed by key stakeholders.

Are You a Manager Looking for Leadership Coaching?

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Student Assistance Program (SAP) & Outpatient Counseling

Maddox*, an elementary-aged student, struggled with anger outbursts, physical aggression, and difficulties with problem-solving. After spending years off-and-on in therapy seeking treatment with various providers only to remark that “none seemed to want to listen,” Maddox’s parents sought SAP services through their district. 

Today, Maddox is completing his SAP sessions and moving towards outpatient counseling. He has reduced his anger outbursts and has learned skills to help him successfully navigate challenging days.

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