Management Consultation & Referral

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Looking for assistance when navigating a difficult workplace issue that concerns employees? EFR is here to help.

Management Consultation
We provide consultation and offer options when company managers/leaders are facing employee concerns. Common consultations have focused on:

  • Managing a difficult employee
  • Responding to performance concerns
  • Responding to workplace conflict
  • Assisting and implementing plans for improving employee performance

Management Referral
Sometimes you require additional assistance when it comes to responding to an employee with a work performance issue. Our management referral is a tool managers can use to help address whatever issue is impacting work performance.

Common Reasons for Management Referral:

  • Concerns of drug or alcohol use
  • Violation of company policy
  • Strained work relationships
  • Increased tardiness, sick leave, or absenteeism
  • Irregular job performance
  • A change from an employee’s usual mood or disposition

Are You a Manager Who Needs Management Consultation or Referrals?

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