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Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.

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Tina Leaf, MSW, LISW

Clinical Director

Tina is a Licensed Independent Social Worker who received her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Northern Iowa. Tina has 10 years of experience working in a residential setting. Tina provides therapy to individuals, families and couples- ranging in age from preschool to adulthood. Tina helps children, young adults and adults experiencing a variety of challenges including childhood trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Tina enjoys helping clients through a variety of different modalities including: Play-based therapy, attachment/trauma focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and ACT.
I believe that all people have the ability to overcome their obstacles, and I am here to support and guide them on the journey. I use client-centered approaches, which allow the clients to guide their therapy and find ways to meet their unique needs.
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Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.

Not Accepting New Clients


Jessica Streeter, LMSW, LISW

Clinical Manager and EAP/SAP Outpatient Treatment Counselor

Jessica received both her Bachelors and Masters in Social work from the University of Iowa. Jessica enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults through individual, couple, and family sessions. Areas of competence include mood disorders, adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, and grief. Jessica’s therapeutic approach is highly flexible and will be individualized when working with each client. Together you will facilitate the changes you desire. Jessica’s role as a therapist is to create a safe and supportive therapeutic environment, one that inspires growth and change.

Although everyone faces obstacles in their lives, there can be growth and learning taken away from these challenges.

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Appointments available via telehealth or at downtown Des Moines office.

Racheal Gibbons, MS, LMHC, NCC, CADC

EAP/SAP and Outpatient Treatment Counselor

Racheal earned her master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Drake University. She has worked in both residential and outpatient settings with children, adolescents and adults. Racheal has helped her patients work through trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, substance/gambling abuse and stress management. She is a member of the Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association.

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to be heard, to be the best version of themselves. I offer a platform that is tailored to the individual that is strength-based, non-judgmental and compassionate. Sprinkled with humor, I offer clients the opportunity to let down their guard, increase their own strengths and develop their own roadmap to success.

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On-Site SAP Appointments Only

Mary Doherty, LMSW

SAP Manager and EAP/SAP Outpatient Treatment Counselor

Mary received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and went on to get her master’s in Social Work. She has experience working with children, adolescents, and families, but enjoys working with children birth through early teenage years the most. Mary seeks to help her clients problem solve by identifying coping skills and finding resources to help the individual.

I am passionate about the client being the experts in their own life and helping someone look at the whole picture of what is going on in their life. I love having the opportunity to work alongside people and finding what supports can be beneficial for each person.

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Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.

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Alli Conrad, LISW, RPT

Outpatient Treatment Counselor

Alli has a master’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa, and she has experience working in both residential and outpatient settings. She works with individuals and families of all ages, but enjoys working with children the most. Alli has experience working with trauma, emotional dysregulation, parent-child relationships, anxiety and depression. She is a Registered Play Therapist, and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

I am passionate about helping people resolve the effects of trauma, as trauma does not define a person. I strive to help my clients meet their identified goals and recognize their strengths.


Sydney Seuferer RC

Appointments available via telehealth or at downtown Des Moines office.

Sydney Seuferer, tLMHC, NCC

EAP/SAP and Outpatient Counselor

Sydney earned her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University. In 2017, she earned a B.A. in Psychology from Iowa State University and has always had a strong interest in helping others. Sydney strives to promote prevention, wellness, education, personal growth, and empowerment in her clinical work. Sydney helps her clients create and achieve personal goals using an integrated, person-centered approach to treatment and interventions. Sydney enjoys helping adolescents and adults grow in their identities and realize their goals. Sydney is also passionate about working with young athletes to address their unique mental health needs. Sydney helps clients through psycho-education, promoting self-compassion and building skills they can use throughout the lifespan.

I believe in encouraging self-compassion to help people make change and achieve their goals. I am passionate about working with you, and creating a plan tailored to your strengths and experiences. I strive to create a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for all.

Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.


Habla Español

MJ Andonie, T-LMHC

EAP/SAP and Outpatient Counselor

MJ was born and raised in Honduras and moved to New Orleans in 2008, where she completed her master’s in clinical mental health counseling at the University of Holy Cross. She loves working with children and has completed several hours in play therapy training. MJ considers herself a play therapy enthusiast, hoping to one day become a registered play therapist. She is bilingual and especially enjoys working with immigrant and Spanish speaking families. She calls herself a “systemic thinker”, believing that focusing on an individual’s family of origin, current family dynamics and understanding how these patterns affect each other and the family unit is crucial to helping them solve their problems. She is passionate about diversity, social justice, multicultural issues, and wellness.

As an immigrant, I look forward to giving back to the community through my work. As a mother raising bicultural, first-generation Americans, I look forward to using my experiences to help children, families, immigrants and Spanish-speaking families.

Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.

Jessi Allard, MSW

EAP/SAP Counselor

Jessi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Drake University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Iowa. She has 5 years of experience working with adolescents in a residential setting with a focus on serving human trafficking survivors. Additionally, she has worked with adolescents in a school-based setting with a wide variety of issues, along with families facing adversity. Utilizing a client-centered process and operating through a trauma-informed lens, Jessi enjoys working with adolescents and adults through individual, family and couples counseling.   Jessi is interested in incorporating creative writing into the therapeutic process as a method to communicate and explore difficult emotions.  Jessi especially enjoys working with clients dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief/loss, LGBTQIA+ issues, school stress, and relationship and family stress. 

“I believe that anyone can gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them by giving counseling a try. I strive to cultivate a safe space for clients to process experiences, thoughts and emotions, allowing them to gain clarity, perspective and the ability to change patterns of thinking.”

Appointments available via telehealth or at downtown Des Moines office.

Jill Hartung, MSE, NBCC

EAP/SAP Counselor

Jill has a bachelors in Arts Administration and Art Education from Simpson College and a Masters in Counseling from Drake University. She is a retired educator who spent more than 30 years as a school counselor working with ages Pre-K to 21. Jill also holds two post-graduate certificates from The University of South Dakota in Addiction Studies and Mental Health Counseling. She has been trained in the areas of Brief Counseling, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, Crisis Prevention and Intervention, Restorative Justice, and culturally sensitive counseling. Jill seeks to help her clients find solutions that best fit their individual needs in the therapeutic setting.

“I believe that everyone has the potential to help themselves and create positive change.”

Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.

Melanie Clark

Clinical Intern

Melanie is currently a clinical intern at Grand View University, pursuing her Master’s degree to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Her passion lies in working with clients of all ages, but she has found a special affinity for connecting with adolescents. Melanie dedicates her efforts to providing in-school services for middle and high schoolers, recognizing the unique challenges this age group faces. Her ability to establish meaningful connections with young individuals stems from her effective communication skills, empathy, and a deep understanding of the adolescent experience. Additionally, Melanie excels in working with families, recognizing the importance of family dynamics in the overall well-being of her clients. Through her studies and practical experiences, Melanie is committed to making a positive impact on the mental health and lives of those she serves.

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Appointments available via telehealth or at West Des Moines office.

Liz Towe, MST

Clinical Intern

Liz received her master’s degree in teaching from Drake University and will graduate in August
2024 with her master’s degree in social work from Indiana University. She enjoys working with
clients of all ages, but has truly enjoyed forming relationships with the middle and high school
students she works with through the Student Assistance Program (SAP). Drawing on her skills as
an educator, Liz connects with the students by creating a space that is based on their specific
goals and needs while also incorporating their individual passions. Liz is also very passionate
about the mental health needs of women and birthing persons struggling with Perinatal Mood
and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and was a member of the Postpartum Support International
(PSI) Board of Directors for the Iowa chapter from 2021 to 2024. Once she receives her MSW,
she plans to get her certification in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C).

My philosophy is meeting people where they are and creating a space for them to identify and
develop their strengths, while processing their unique life experiences. When they meet with
me, I want them to understand this is their time and I am there to guide them towards their
best self with compassion and empathy.”


Student Assistance Program (SAP) & Outpatient Counseling

Maddox*, an elementary-aged student, struggled with anger outbursts, physical aggression, and difficulties with problem-solving. After spending years off-and-on in therapy seeking treatment with various providers only to remark that “none seemed to want to listen,” Maddox’s parents sought SAP services through their district. 

Today, Maddox is completing his SAP sessions and moving towards outpatient counseling. He has reduced his anger outbursts and has learned skills to help him successfully navigate challenging days.

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