Life Coaching

Life Happens. We’re Here to Help.

Life Coaching is the proactive approach to becoming your best self.

EFR’s EAP provides free, telephonic Life Coaching sessions to employees looking for personal growth opportunities. These Life Coaching sessions are designed to help employees advance their soft skills to make them more effective in the workplace.

Call 800-327-4692 to schedule your free, confidential Life Coaching Sessions.

If any of the scenarios below sound familiar, you could benefit from Life Coaching!

Life Coaching Communication 100x100


You want to find new or different ways to communicate to be more productive at work and get better outcomes.

Life Coaching Career Goals 100x100

Career Goals

You’re considering making a change at work (i.e. retirement, advancing to a different role, etc.) but don’t feel comfortable sharing details with your leader or colleagues and need to talk with someone who can support you.

Life Coaching Self Discovery 100x100


You are curious and interested in learning more about yourself and want to explore your shine spots and blind spots.

Life Coaching Work Life 100x100

Work-Life Integration

You’re trying hard to balance family, work, friends, and other responsibilities, but feeling generally exhausted.

Life Coaching Time Management 100x100

Time Management

You struggle with getting everything done and would like more balance between your work and personal lives.

Life Coaching Personal Growth 100x100

Personal Growth

You’ve been in counseling in the past, or may even currently be actively meeting with a therapist, but are wondering how life coaching could supplement your personal journey.

Are you ready to step into the best version of yourself?
Discover the power of Life Coaching and how it can transform your life.

Join us for an inspiring conversation with a Life Coach on overcoming imposter syndrome and boosting confidence.

Explore the Enneagram’s nine unique types with a seasoned Life Coach! You’ll uncover their motivations, gain valuable insights into decision-making habits, and transform your relationships.

Delve into common questions about Life Coaching and what to expect. Learn how a Life Coach can guide you toward your goals.

Need Life Coaching?

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Student Assistance Program (SAP) & Outpatient Counseling

Maddox*, an elementary-aged student, struggled with anger outbursts, physical aggression, and difficulties with problem-solving. After spending years off-and-on in therapy seeking treatment with various providers only to remark that “none seemed to want to listen,” Maddox’s parents sought SAP services through their district. 

Today, Maddox is completing his SAP sessions and moving towards outpatient counseling. He has reduced his anger outbursts and has learned skills to help him successfully navigate challenging days.

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