Giving Tuesday

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Together We Give

At EFR, we believe cost should never be a barrier to mental health care. That’s why this Giving Tuesday, we are raising funds to directly support the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders in our community.

We hope you’ll support us in our mission to end the stigma and ensure mental health and substance abuse treatment is available to those in our community regardless of financial status.

Every gift we receive is significant in funding our efforts to support the mental health of individuals and families. Below are optional donation levels for your gift. No amount is too small, and every dollar raised impacts the thousands of lives we serve each year. 

$1-25: Any gift amount will help a low-income person struggling with addiction receive an assessment through SAS (Substance Abuse Services) to access a substance abuse treatment program.

$50: Provides one hour of counseling for a student through EFR’s Student Assistance Program (SAP).

$100: Provides one hour of counseling service through EFR’s Outpatient Counseling Program.

$250: Supports EFR’s annual fundraiser Ride Don’t Hide, to benefit EFR’s mental health and substance abuse programs.

The Mental Health Crisis

1 in 5

people live with a 

mental illness


of adults with mental illness don’t receive treatment


of youth don’t receive the mental health services they need

Throughout the pandemic and ongoing uncertainty, we’ve seen an increased need for mental health support. 

For many, affordability is the top barrier to care. Without support, these individuals are at greater risk of suicide 

and substance use disorders. 


When you donate to EFR, you’re supporting a movement to break the stigma and provide mental health care regardless 

of financial status. And with your support, we can continue to offer a lifeline to those in need. 

Source: Mental Health America Iowa Access to Care Data 2021

Together We're Making a Difference

Annie's Story

Annie, a young woman from a small town, sought counseling services through EFR's EAP after witnessing a tragic event on her way to work. At first, she thought she could work through it on her own. But when recurrent thoughts about the event continued to plague her, she decided to talk to a counselor. Annie connected with one of EFR’s counselors, who continued to work with her through outpatient treatment services. They discussed PTSD and the idea that the event would never “go away” but would forever alter her life. At the time, Annie didn’t realize that she could control how the incident impacted her moving forward. Learning different coping strategies for managing the thoughts lessened her anxiety, and soon she was able to identify her triggers and use self-talk to work through her emotions. Now Annie is working in her last few sessions and plans to graduate from therapy in a month. She is working towards earning a promotion at work and smiles a little brighter now, laughs a little harder, and worries a little less.

Sam's Story

After grappling with a lack of self-confidence and struggling to make social connections at school, Sam sought support through the Student Assistance Program (SAP). Sam connected with a counselor through the SAP and decided to continue treatment through outpatient services. Together they worked to build confidence through positive self-talk. In his sessions, Sam learned new coping strategies to help lower social anxiety, enabling him to connect with his peers and grow his support system. With his newfound skills and abilities, Sam has gone from bi-weekly sessions with his counselor to sessions on an as-needed basis. Today, Sam has expressed he feels happy and significantly less anxious in social settings and has a more positive view of himself.

Billy's Story

While adapting to life with a new baby, Billy, a young man in his mid-twenties, sought counseling through EFR's EAP. He and his fiancé agreed that he would stay home with the baby while she pursued her career, and Billy was struggling to adjust. The COVID pandemic and not seeing friends and family as often as he would like caused significant anxiety. Feeling trapped at home, he grieved the loss of the opportunity to proudly show his newborn son to the world. Billy wanted to support his family financially and desired to pursue a career selling his artwork. A talented artist, he lacked the motivation to do the work- sometimes it took all he had to get out of bed. Billy began meeting with one of the EAP counselors, who helped him define what he was passionate about and learn skills to manage his anxiety. After reaching out to his doctor, Billy started medications to aid his treatment. In time, he continued meeting with his counselor and began to peel back the layers of his pain. Through therapy, he identified the sources of his pain, finding ways to accept his past and create a new narrative for his future. Taking steps forward, he signed up for a life coach and began selling his art. Today, he continues his journey of self-love and building self-worth. Billy and his fiancé are now happily married, and together they are raising their son.

Is Your Company a Match Maker?

Does your employer offer a matching gift program? Doubling your gift means we can double our impact! We hope you'll take a few moments to see if your company offers a match program that could equal hundreds or more for those in need.

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All donations are tax deductible as prescribed by law. Employee & Family Resources is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Any and all gifts are greatly appreciated as we strive to help people with life’s challenges.
Note: If you donate a gift of $100 or more, you will be listed in EFR’s annual report!